Windows Media Player 11 - I hate it, no really

 It's hard to imagine hatred for a piece of software, an inanimate object. But this thing is a complete piece of junk.

I've got this funky new HTC Touch Pro Windows Mobile phone, I can load music on to it manually, but its easier and simpler, supposedly, to use Windows Media Player. However, every time I start Windows Media Player 11 it it says  "Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.".

So I figured I'd uninstall and then re-install, ha who was I kidding. And while I'm at it. The HTC Touch Pro is possibly the best phone on the market today, I have a blog post written about it I need to finish. However, at least on my Windows XP system it is completely and utterly let down by the useless Windows Media Player 11 and ActiveSync software. So far in the month I've had it, ActiveSync has failed to recognise the same phone with the same contents 4x. Each time it sets up a new id and forgets all the past syncronised data. What makes it worse is that somehow it always seems to screw-up my browser favorites on the phone.

Turns out after hours of careful testing and tracing this problem is caused by sloppy code in WMP when it reads media tags it didn't create. Delete the whole WMP library, start it up, point it at the right directory and go to bed leaving it to rebuild the library.

a completely wasted hour and still no WMP. Never buying a Windows device again... grrrr - I guess I need to find the library and delete it 14 minutes ago from web

I'm so angry I could cry "Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." 15 minutes ago from web

for syncing the Treo and the Tungsten W than WMP/ActiveSync is for my HTC WM Phone, such a shame, a phone let down by a PC... 22 minutes agofrom web

Well dunno about iTunes, but I'm fedup to the back teeth with WMP; Say what you will about Palm Software but its was a zillion times better 23 minutes ago from web

now using VideoLan to play Audio CD, its not fancy, but it works... about 1 hour ago from web

Now Windows Media Player 10 is redoing the whole library, somehow I should have uninstalled and kept going until WMP became a black hole! about 1 hour ago from web

Windows Media Player 11 borked on my system, trying to uninstall but they want to rollback... sigh... about 2 hours ago from web
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