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Going swimmingly

 The pictures mine this time, taken on my phone(click through to see the large version). This is the first time I've been up to Quarry Lake at Pure Austin North and there has been no one else there. I couldn't resist a picture.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, may a swim/run, I bought all my gear, I also figured it might be too cold to swim so bought my wetsuit, but didn't wear it in the end. The sign inside the gym said the water was 72f and I figure it was about that, but its a long haul down there to decide its too cold to swim without.

I did my normal silicon swim hat on, goggles on running dive of the pontoon and go. It was coldish, but for the first two laps I was ok. First two laps were 27:06, thats 20-seconds faster and heading in the right direction.

Next up I deliberately slowed down and decided to finish with another 2-easy laps. All in all I swam 4-laps, figure 2800m in 58:24. My shoulder gave some pain but nothing much. Thats my longest swim of the year, and 2nd longest since I've been in Austin. I need to get up to about 8-steady laps by March. The only question is how much longer sans wetsuit?

It was beutiful today, but cold walking back to the gym afterwards. Next up, start taking sweats to wear.

In other news: I was surprised that I hadn't received any details about the TX Tri Series awards/finishers party. I stopped by the shop today to pick-up the Cute Commuter calendar, more on this later, and asked. Net net, if you were a finisher you were sent an invite. So I just checked online. Dan has missed my volunteer slot at the Longhorn 70.3.

Saturday I'm having an easy day, housework and such, Sunday I'm going to bike down to the Run for the water, do the 5k then go for a 50-mile ride. 
Tags: swimming, training, tx tri series
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