triman (triman) wrote,

Texas Tri Series 2008

Saturday evening I went to the Jack and Adams Texas Tri Series Finishers and Awards party. Dan emailed back shortly after my email late Friday saying he'd sent me the evite and my name was missing on the list of volunteers he'd got, but he remembered me being there. I have to that the "thanks giving" party was possibly one of the best I've ever been too. Not to mention the huge series finishers award and great t-shirt. Much to my dispair, I learnt that my age group was the almost the only male age group that didn't have a winner, someone who'd finished all 6-races, I did four and volunteered at Austin and Longhorn, otherwise I'd have been the de facto Texas Tri series 50-54 Age Group Champion, d'oh. (Full series results)

Dan, Jack and the team made a really fantastic effort at thanking the volunteers. I've been on the team for many events, been an organiser for many events, and been at the official team breakfasts and event dinners for two world, one European championships, as well as a couple of ITU World Cups. I've never seen the thanks done better. 

Once the party was over, everyone disappeared reasonably quickly, leaving as I used to say at Tri-Force, the usual suspects, to do all the work on tidying up after, they almost certainbly did all the set-up and the work. A fantastic team, I was delighted to join them, if only for the last part of the evening, tidying up!

For 2009, make volunteering for the Texas Tri series part of your race schedule! Just do it!!

Tags: 2008, austin, jack and adams, texas tri series
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