triman (triman) wrote,

Weekend wrap-up

I've been busy, my focus is going to be shifting though over the next 30-days.

Saturday I had an easy day, caught up with a few chore, had a lay in etc. Sunday I rode downtown, hung my bike off the fencing, locked it up and did the 5k at the Run for the Water.

This was a try at a PR, I lined up near the front, and went for it from the start. As it turns out around the 2.5-mile mark coming back into downtown off Caesar Cahvez, I slacked off briefly, and that cost me my PB/PR. Yep, I missed out by just 1-second in the official results. 24:09 for 2nd in Age group.

After hanging out with mstoonces , talking to anetmarie and others, also before the race including triathletebigo who was incognito with his sweatsuit hood up, I set off to do the 50-mile Dam loop. It was hard work staying in teh saddle the whole way around after the run and the wind on R360 was tough coming back. I gave up sitting on the hill before Bee Caves and went back to chnging my center line, aka standing up and grinding. It was possibly the toughest ride I've done for a long time. I did the same ride last week, and didn't sufffer nearly as much.
Tags: 5k, benchmark, pr, run for the water
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