Last non-westuit swim of the year?

I drove up to Pure Austin North around 3:40, arrived a little after 4:05pm. D'oh, left my wetsuit in the garage. I've been taking the wetsuit up to Quarry Lake, its a longish trek from the gym around to the entrance to the lake, and I'd hate to do it and then get there and find the water too cold to swim. So far I have not needed to use it, hopefully today wouldn't be any different.

I dipped my hand in the water, it was cool but didn't feel cold. I got ready with bright yellow silcon swim hat, googles, set the watch and ran across the dock and dived in. brrrrrrr it was cold, it took my breath away. I kept swimming, my goggles fogged up pretty quickly but I assumed they'd clear once the air temperature inside cooled to meet the water temps. The first lap went well, turning aroun the far bouy, I noticed how much of a swell there was, it was actually quite choppy for a recessed lake. First lp 12;15, new training best, second lap 13:07, third lap 14:08

By the time I'd done the 3rd lap, I could feel my calfs tightening and likely to cramp, So I climbed up the ladder and got out. It was really cold by then...

Running news: I'll never be fast, but I need to be steady. Although I cut my long short short last night and stopped the town lake part short at the Lamar Footbridge, I did 7 1/4-miles with an easy average of 10-minute miles. Yep, I know thats barely running, more like jogging. But if I can keep steady and keep that pace up over a 1/2 Marathon and then a marathon, theres some hope I could do it over an IM distance run and hopefully sub 4:30 which would be just what I need for a sub 14 IM Distance race in 2009.

Next up: Saturday am. is the Buddy Du with mstoonces we are team "What no swim?" - Saturday pm its Bond time, Tux, bowtie and a load of ex-pats, after that it's finally time to go enjoy Alesandro Escavado at Antones. Sunday am. I'm hoping to do the ATC 5-mile hilly route again followed by a brick run. Another busy w/e in paradise.

If you're running 4:30 (and I mean really running) then you'll be one of the fastest people out there.
err that would be four hours and thirty minutes for the marathon, as opposed to 4-minutes 30-seconds per mile...
how can you have a tri with no swim?
Sorry you have to resort to the wetsuit....
Re: how can you have a tri with no swim?
It's not a triathlon, strictly its a biathlon, since its just run/bike and not a duathlon which would be run/ However, since its offroad and a team event, it's just a race, but theres no swim :-(

As for the wetsuit, I promise not to use it until the waters really cold, but I'm not greasing up to go swim in a lake!
Re: how can you have a tri with no swim?
I have never found the grease actually keeps you any warmer, just helps you not chafe....

Have a good time this weekend at the biathlon...

Quarry Lake had swells?
that's the calmest "open water swim" venue I know of..
hope you had fun today.
Re: Quarry Lake had swells?
Yep, there was quite a breeze, still enjoyed it though...