BBC World Have Your Say

What a blast, the KUT program Director Jody Evans emailed me last night to offer a couple of tickets to this mornings live broadcast of BBC World Have Your Say show from the famous KLRU Austin City Limits studio up on the drag.

I just got in on time and missed much of the pre-show warm-up and coaching, and before I knew it had a piece of paper in my hand and was introducing a caller from Africa.

The debate was around the leaked US Intelligence briefing for President Ellect Obama, that in 25-years the US wouldn't dominate the world.

It was a lively discussion with some good contributions by phone, txt, email and blog entry. I got to introduce myself as "Mark from South Austin" and spoke briefly on the concept of domination.

One things clear, the staff worked really hard. They were flying all over the place, frantic hand signals, it was total energy and all pretty much completely spontaneous, except the first few mins which were recorded with audience members, before I got there. Neat.

The BBC are more web savvy than any organization I've heard of. While I moan that you can't get to their TV content from outside the UK, via the BBC iPlayer. Within 20-mins of the show ending they had the whole show up as a podcast to download, also they have their own WHYS flickr channel, which is where these pictures came from. Much credit, and I don't pay a license fee anymore, but would if I could.
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