triman (triman) wrote,

Travel day - going back home

Up at 04.00, shave shower and pack, drive to JFK and drop off the Hertz car. The new arial Skytrain is in operation at JFK, no more bus from the Hertz lot to the terminal.

Hertz currently in disary. New car drop-off point, old office setting, no one to do car side return. Walk over to the old office with case+backpack; return car walk outside and wait for driver, two buses are started and just sitting there. Driver comes out and tells me I have to walk to the Skytrain which is back past the car, past what is obviously the new office... its a good 8-minute walk, shame it was -4...

Get to the Skytrain, have to go up two escalators, train arrives promptly... AA terminal is last stop... only twice did the Skytrain stop without announcing which terminal. It stopped at terminal 4 for a good 5-minutes with no announcement at all... finally arrive at Terminal 8/9.

This stop seems to be the worst of the lot... you go down two esclators, one of which wasn't working. When you get to the bottom you are in a rubbish strewn area on the wrong side of the road... cross underneath the terminal, across the road, first set of entry doors locked off/broken, in through the second set and up to check-in.

I'm not sure if this is what either AA or JFK or Mayor Bloomberg want its foreign visitors to have as their last memory of NY, but it was a mess.

Only another 8-weeks before the morning flight back from Chicago is restarted with the summer schedule!
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