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(Really) Last non-wetsuit swim of the year

 Managed to get over to Pure Austin North around 3pm. Down at the water by 10-after. This was to be my day for 4-laps. I had time, I had the wetsuit. The board said the water temp was (still) 68f. It really wasn't though. Theres no way it was more than 64f.

As normal I tested out the water on the outside of the dock, again it felt cold, but bearable. I suited up, swim hat, goggles, set my clock ran and dived off, and it really took my breath away. As anyone who has tried knows, there is no turning back. If you get out now you'll be cold while you dry off, and if you don't dry off, and mostly even if you do, you can't get your wetsuit on. So nothing for it but to do the swim without the wetsuit. I got around 4-laps without a problem. Water that cold isn't conjusive to fast times, but I cranked out 13:18, 13:07, 13:56, 14:15 for a total of 54:36 for about 2900m or 1.80miles.

I'll take that, I need to work towards being able to do 6-laps at a constant 13-minutes for IM. The only question is if I should still swim there and revert to wearing a wetsuit or switch to swimming in the pool. Decisions, decisions.
Tags: pure austin, swimming
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