In Search of Sunrise

Tiesto - In Search of sunriseI just received an email from Night, who promote clubbing and dance music in Texas and around the US, it said "Tiesto "In Search of Sunrise Tour - This show is going to be Epic!" - Hopefully so, I bought my ticket ages ago after alkaloids pointed it out!

One of many exciting things happening over the next month or so, I'm busting at the seams!

Tickets here. I'm driving from Austin, room for a few more.
Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise listening samples on here.
Oh. Yeah. It's gonna be awesome. Did I tell you I'm going down to see the show at Arena Monterrey that Friday (the 12th), also? 17,000 person arena... Wonder if it will fill up. =)
hahaha, I just asked on your journal if you'd decided to go to Monterrey...

I guess that means no santa speedo for you on the 13th..

I have to say, I'm starting to seriously think that going to Ibiza in May and then onto IM Lanzarote is a good idea, especially if I get the IMH slot. IM Lanzarote is a tough bike course, but I'm sure I can get around within the cutoff. Not sure if a week clubbing before though is good tapering.
I am a little bit jealous of you seeing the Tiesto especially if its ISOS style. It has been about 6 years since I last saw him play though so I am sure he has changed his style a lot. Did you go to PVD at Sky Lounge?
I went to my friends trance night the other week -
I spent all night outside as the music was so cringeworthy!

However, Tijs ALWAYs puts on a good show, if you see him tell him Ella from Crasher says hi haha
No didn't do PVD, @alkaloids may have, I have not seen him for a while.

Will certainly remind you to Plantpot if by some remote chance I get to speak to him...
I love Tiesto. He's seriously talented. I wish I could go, but I'll be out of town (plus, what to do with the little one). Please report back!
I'd have never guessed. Yes report definately and video if I can. How are you liking being a stay-at-home Mom?

I started a post about how important it was to have a stay at home parent, and especially one with the right nurturing and development desire, rather than just being a "sitter", but decided not to post it. You didn't me pontificating. I'm not playing it as a male versus female thing, but I think its a great decision! My eldest posted in this thread before yours, I'm sure she'd agree ;-)