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Drugs in sport - another disappointing day

Well the tour has been going great, being able to have live coverage on EuroSport is bril' even if David Duffield is mostly missing this year. Of course there is that hole, the missing David Millar, who was dropped from the tour as a result of one of the many drugs in cycling investigations. Sigh..

But for me the drugs in sport thing took a significant turn for the worse yesterday. Amid all the rumour and speculation and fall-out from the failures in the US Olympic trials linked to the Balco prosecution in the US, news yesterday that legendry veteran runner Eddy Hellebuyck, tested positive for EPO a performance-enhancing drug in an out-of-competition USOC test.

What makes this depressing, despite Eddys denials, is that he was the great hope that really you could perform at your peek beyind your twenties and early thirties. For those of use in our late forties struggling to recover after events, pushing ourselves through training etc. there was the glimmer of hope that an "oldie" was just going to make it in the US Olympic team at the top of his game at 43.

[Millar time may be over]
[Olympians got steroids, feds told / Marion Jones' attorney calls ...]
[ Sports Illustrated on Eddy Hellebuyck and his test failure]
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