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Turkey Trotting

I agreed to run the Turkey Trot to pace Cassidy over her first ever 5-mile run. There was a massive crowd, I'd never done this race before. Saw lots of people before the race, including anetmarie and Kim, surpised to see Kim with broken arm, apprently from a bike crash but she was still running.

We stayed out of the crowd until things started to thin out around the start line and made our start. We were pretty even paced, with the traget being about 12:30, it shouldn't have been too hard, but Cassidy has never run more than 5k non-stop. I was actually interested in seeing how well I'd hold up at a slower pace, could I complete a marathon at that pace?

We did pretty well and managed to stay out of the crowds, we hit our target time perfectly for 3-miles, a PR for Cassidy, and kept going although once up at Windsor Rd it did get harder as the course started undulating. I must admit I the "hills" were a minor drag, but not really serious hills. Cass though was starting to lose her cool, but persevered up the last two hills and noticibly picked up the pace when we rounded the last corner and headed for the finish line. I wish I'd pushed her a little harder earlier in the race, we might have made it under the hour, but we crossed the finished line.

Cassidy 213/234 1:01:17, 12:15 pace.
Mark 110/113 1:01:17, 12:15 pace

For my part it hurt, running slow is no better. I think that must have done at least double the number of foot strikes compared to a training run over the same distance. I can claim a PR since I've never raced over that distance, but since I never raced, I was just pacing, it doesn't count.

Next up: I'm going to have a crack at my 5k PR again, next Saturday is the Lifetime Fitness 5k Reindeer Run up in North Austin.

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