Santa Speedo update

Santa Speedo AustinWell things are getting going on Santa Speedo. I met with Head Santa last week for lunch, as Head Elf I should have been doing more but have not. Between Ed and I we've create evites, Facebook events and more. While I blog for the Austin metroblog, Allen Chen over on the Austinist covered it first, and to be honest they did a great job last year too!

So, if you have not received an evite, or on facebook, now's your chance to job in and have the most fun you can in a red speedo or biki. We've got the Texas State tri team coming along, a number of people have signed up for the evite. Last year the temperatures were in the high 70's for the run, alkaloids and Derek Yorek of Team Hump started up front and finished up there, the rest of us mingled around near the back and ran through the crowds.

Now, I understand the whole speedo thing here in America. If you feel that going and buying a speedo is something that is just 'beyond the pail' and not to be seen doing in public, do I have a deal for you. The has red speedos and bikini seperates on sale for just $9.95 plus postage. Don't delay, get yours in time for the run!

This year the plan is to have three or four groups if people show interest. there will be the fast, the joggers, the back of the pack crew(which will inclide me this year as I'm doing a 100-mile bike ride the same day), and the supporters.

If you really can't see running through some 1,000 people in a speedo or bikini then why not come along and support? Instead of paying the race entry fee, donate the same amount to OutYouth Austin.

Otherwise, see you there. Don't forget to confirm your attendance via either the evite or the facebook event.