It's a PR/PB Sort of...

Finally, I've been pushing for a 5k PR this year since March, although I have not had a specific training program I was expecting my new built-up shoe to improve my stride length and reduce the impact pain from running. I've been close twice, last time at the Run for the Water 5k, my official time for the race was 24:09, just one second slower.

And so it was I went searching for another 5k, I was convinced when I entered that the Life Time Finess Reindeer Run 5k that I was asked for my chip number and it was a formal timed race. Turns out, it wasn't. At the race number pick-up we were even all given the same race number, 2008.

Still I'd made the trek up north, might as well go for it. I lined up in in te 2nd row and pushed hard from the start out on to R620, round on to Parmer Lane, after a loop around the State Farm office it was back on Ambergen Blvd and the push for home, having rounded the final corner I looked down at my watch, it said 23:31, and 3:03 miles, once last kick, and then I realised I couldn't see the finish line, the course was long, I backed off, I clearly wasn't going to make the finish line in 24:07 or less...

After the race I spoke to the winner, and the 2007 winner, they both said it was long, the 2007 winner said last year he spoke to the organiser and pointed out how simple it was to make the source the right distance and it was pretty simple. Still it was a family event. I checked the Garmin data when I got home, the race was 3.34-miles. The Garmin shows that I past 3.1 miles in 24:05.

So, despite the lack of formal results, and the fact that the race was long, I'll take that and count it. Next year the aim will be to beat it in a formal race.
At least you know that what you did was right and that you weren't going slower :)
Yeah, I guess all these races are +/- 80 meters, but that variance in a longer race is a "who cares?"/noise, but in 5K's it's the difference between PR/PB and not. sigh. I ran the Brown Santa 5K yesterday out at Decker on their rolling hills/course, not really a "PR friendly" course.
my opinion - PB/PR
I think you ran a great race, didn't even back down when you figured it wouldn't be a personal best. OW swimming is always subject to the wind conditions, water conditions, buoy position, winds moving the buoys, etc....
So cable races are the only ones that actually have a record because the others are subject to subjectivity.

I think you ran a great 5K+ and will break it next spring.
Re: my opinion - PB/PR
thanks, triathlon swims are notorius for accuracy, I hadnt thoughts about OWS timing.