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Tiesto, Cowboy Dancehall San Antonio

After a great night out at Deadmau5 in Austin, [info]alkaloids pointed out that Tiesto was on in San Antonio in a few weeks. I bought a ticket and eagerly awaited the day. Early Monday evening before setting out I called [info]alkaloids who said he wasn't leaving until 8.30pm'ish and Tiesto wouldn't be on until late. Guess I should have expected that, I still think of superstar DJ's in the same terms as music gigs, and assumed maybe a 9.30 or 10 start, finished by midnight.

I left at 8.45pm, got down to San Antonio and parked around 10pm. Joined the line and waited, and waited. I got in at around 10.20, and the place was already busy. At least according to Ticketmaster I had a VIP ticket. But not according to the ticket. No wristband, no upstairs. I went over to the righhand side of the dancefloor and hung around a while. Before I knew it Tiesto was on, I txt'd [info]alkaloids to see where he was, still outside in the line. Before long I got another txt, looked up and he'd squeezed in about 10-people ahead. Biy did he look tall. (see his entry to understand why)

 Tiesto played a great set, I was about 20ft back from the stage amongst the crowd, danced for about 2-hours, got to admit I didn't recognise almost any of the tracks, but he did some great mixes with decent bridges and breaks, and new how to work the crowd. I started to feel cramps in my legs from jumping up and down, dancing etc. and moved out of the crowd to the back. Watched for another 30-mins or so and left (apprently) about 10-mins before the end of the set. Out in the parking lot it was (thankfully) warm, I changed into dry clothes and set off back to Austin. Pretty good, I'd go again to see Tiesto.

Not sure about the Cowboy dancehall though. The booking was confusing, the entrance was slow and also confusing. There were a ton of people smoking inside, and the stage kept getting raided by fans, followed by the not-so-ubiquitous bouncers. Looking forward to reading [info]alkaloids  Tiesto Part-2 from Montery.


Tags: cowboy dancehall, tiesto
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