Texas Iron WTH 100 ride

I can't remember where I heard about or read about the WTH 100 ride. Probably found my way to the Texas Iron website. But this turned into the slowest, hardest, century ride I've ever completed

Anyway [info]mstoonces and I agreed to do the ride, I cleared it with Coach Susan. We showed up at 7.15am and were ready for the start. It was a smaller crowd than I'd expected and less triathlete looking peeps(what ever that means). Susan gave a low down on the route, there was excellent  SAG/Aid support, we all donated a few bucks to cover gas.

I'd dressed sensibly. A long sleeve breathable winter undershirt, Tri-Force cycling jersey, arm warmers, and a sleeveless zipped top; pedal pusher cycling pants, with matching Tri-Force cycling shorts over the top(no fashion victim me) and of course gloves, oh yeah, and my sealskin winter cycling socks.

We first zig-zagged out of  south west Austin through neighborhoods from Dick Nichols Park to old Bee Caves Rd, then Thomas Springs Rd. onto Circle Dr.; out onto 290 briefly and there was the first rest stop to off load the outer layers. From there it was onto Fitzhugh for a looonnnngggg way until it turned into Perdenales Rd which turned into Ranch Rd 2726 and took that all the way into Johnson City. There were a few brief breaks on the way to Johnson City, and by the time we got there, 40-miles in 2:52 including breaks, we were starting to suffer from the wearing effect of the wind.

The restart out of Johnson city we had the wind to our backs, and this saw my only 20+ MPH average for 5-miles for a 20.5 AMPH, in 14:37-minutes. Using 2-miles splits I had a bunch over 20MPH but not nearly enough. My averages were clearly thrown off by the seemingly fairly regular stops, but between stripping down, and mechincal problems, I needed them.

On the way out to Johnson City the cleat on my left shoe became completely lose; then on the way back, my saddle worked lose, even after removing the seat post and working on it, tighning all the bolts, it worked lose again. Time to replace both I think.

Also, my averages were spoilt when hacking along Cypress Mill Rd, right in front of me as Doug went through a low water crossing, when he started to pedal on the way out, his back wheel whipped left and he came off. Although no damage was done, just wounded pride and some gravel burn, I stood there and waved the others to slow down as they came through. I really need to set-up the Garmin to auto-stop during cycling.

After mile-65, everything went south. My feet hurt, my saddle was wonky, there was more wind, even more wind, hills, more hills, hills with wind where my feet hurt, oh yeah and even more wind. @mstoonces and I were equally slow, I never made a single 5-mile AMPH over 15MPH for the rest of the ride. Pretty sad and painful.

The route itself was EXCELLENT, well done Coach Susan, the SAG support was equally EXCELLENT. About 5 or 6 people dropped out on the ride, [info]mstoonces and I were the last finishers out of maybe 12. An abstract failure, 87.5-miles, 6:41:29 time, 13.1 AMPH, 6,413 calories. I'd guess the ride time was actually something like 6:15, not bad on what was a pretty brutal day.

Next up was the Santa Speedo, just a little over 3-hours from the end of the bike and we'd need to leave.


I thought about doing that
or at least part of it but with our long supported run on Sunday, decided it was not wise (and Coach Susan agreed with that). Maybe next year...