Santa Speedo 2008

Some of the 2008 Santa SpeedosHa, the Austin Santa Speedo was a blast again. I wish we could get more people out, although I understand the self conciousness thing, you really are invisible in a crowd of 4,500 odd. Of course, since everything is on the Internet you can't stay a secret! Having only just back from a tough 90-mile bike ride I really wasn't sure how the run would go. Tune and I watched IM Hawaii off the DVR before the race for motivation, and as it turned out, the run went fine. I got around in 28:45, which was faster than my first few 5k's in sprint triathlons.

Ed(Head Santa) and I(CEO, Chief Elf Officer) hope to get the numbers up over the next couple of years to the point we can organize our our direct fundraising event/run. Until then we'll keep going with the Santa Speedo at the Trail of Lights 5k. Mark your calendars for 2009, come on down, don't be shy. The point of the Santa Speedo is to raise awareness and funds for here in Austin.

Before you ask, most of us are straight, except for the GBF's who were racing for the 2nd year; you don't have to have cancer to raise money for it etc. Many of us can completely understand and the need for people to support confused teens at their most vulnerable times, if you enjoyed Jasons video and our run, why not donate just a few dollars to outyouth?

They accept paypal etc.

I made a "team" donation, every little helps.

A big thanks this year to Guin for getting Brian, Krista and the Texas State Triathlon team up from San Marcos. Also to Jason for the video. There are more pictures on flickr, here. This year and last years videos are here. The Texas State team also have some pictures on facebook, here.