Longest run in 2-years 6-months

 I'm having a good week away from work. Staying up late working on some projects around the house and waking up late, breakfast, Web 2.0 stuff blogging, twittering and then going training. I'd planned my long run for Tuesday, but never made it. So I did it Wednesday instead.

I'm training for the 3m Half marathon and the Lone Star sprint/Half distance triathlons, so I need to seriously get my running back into the shape it was almost three years ago, if my knees will let me. 

My prior long run distance was 9:39-miles about a month ago, in a pace of 10:36 min/mile, yeah I know, pretty slow. Today I clocked 1:54:05 for 11.22-miles, which is 10:10 min/mile. Given I wasn't really trying for speed, I'm happy that I went further at a slightly faster pace. Looks like I'll be ready for the distance come 3M Half marathon, how much pain in my knees, especially the right one is anyone guess.

After yesterdays run, even 24-hours later, the bone on the lower part of my right is very painful. I've iced it and taken ibuprofen, hopefully a swim will ease it a little.

Still, the time about is on target. My PR for a half marathon is 2:05:25 at the Danbury Half Marathon in 2006. After that I got my PR at Half IM Florida in June '06 and my PR(only) for a full IM distance race in July '06.
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I'm enjoying reading your posts because I know your challenges. You're so much more "competitive" than me -- I started running more than 30 years ago and my PR for a Half Marathon (before they had chip timing) is 1:56:56. But I was only 30 years old.My current long run pace is waaaay slower than you. If I could run 10:36 min/mile in a 5K, I'd be ecstatic. So from another "just turned 50 in September" tri-buddy, I've discovered it takes me two full days to recover from my 13+ mile runs on Sunday morning. I don't like it, but thereyahaveit. And FWIW, I'd been having issues with my right ankle hurting after the Sunday long runs (and Decker) but I noticed after this past Sunday, it was less painful. So I hope you'll get through this and the pain will be less & less. I'm all about the distance - you're all about the speed. We'll have fun at the next Couples Tri, won't we? Enjoy your extra "training time" while you can!