2008 Results retrospective

Does everyone use Athlinks? I know mojojoey , anetmarie , whyiron , and mstoonces are. Any way, I was looking for my last half marathon time, and noticed how many entries for resuts I had for this year, 2008. According to the results I did 29-races.

This isn't entirely accurate as it includes
  • 4x Runfar Time trials, only races against self
  • Lone Star Sprint is listed twice
  • Pure Austin Splash and Dash #3 is listed twice
  • The Summer Stampede 5k #8 is missing, 25:11 for 2nd place
So call that 24-races. Only 1x PR/PB for this year, and that didn't really count as it isn't on the list either as it was an untimed race. Which leaves
  • 4x 2nd Places
  • 3x 3rd place

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Now that's what I call--
Racing to Train! I usually have to request that the Marble Falls Triathlon be added because it doesn't show up on Athlinks. I see Decker 2008 is not on my list yet either.. hm..... when it does, I'll have 15 for the year. Too bad I don't get "V" credit for volunteering to hand out water for 6 hours at Longhorn!
Whoo! Keeping busy much?!

I use athlinks too, but I have three wee little races on there. I don't really use it at all anymore, but at least the results I do have are claimed.