triman (triman) wrote,

The equalizer - more girl things

The women won again in what is now the annual male vs female challenge at the Life Time Fitness Triathlon. Lorreta Harrop came first with Rina Hill and Barb Lindquist coming 2nd and third before first man, Craig Walton. If you take it without the equalizer, over the same course, at essential the same time, conditions and distance Walton was a clear 9-minutes faster than Harrop. ce'st la vie.

The Brit' pack are continuing to confuse, Leanda Cave had a good race and came in ahead of GB Olympic team member Julie Dibens. Having raced for GB last week, this week Liz Blatchford listed as AUS, came between Cave and Dibens. Still, onwards and eastwards, in a few hours more members of the Brit' pack racing at Cornerbrook. Lets see how Andrea Whitcombe does there...
ps. Triathlon mercenary, KIWI and GB Oympic team member but listed as San Diego USA for Life Time Fitness, Paul Amey, DNF'd.
pps At the Life Time Fitness International age group races no one from outside North America competed this year. Reminds you of the Baseball "World series"...

[Pro Results from Life Time Fitness]
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