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Austin Duathletes Red Dress Run 2008

A real blast, have not had so much fun in a long time, or drunk rum and coke since I was a teenager. Cass dropped me off at Jack and Adams just as the main crowd disappeared around the corner, I was told I was runner #50 - fortunately I caught them before they got to the first bar.

The run to Six bar was the longest of the evening and convinced me that drinking beer and running was not a sport I was going to be good at, needed a new "nutrition" plan. I had a diet coke at Six (the 2nd bar), but that clearly wasn't going to work, where was the fun in that?

We set off for the Side bar on Red River and 7th, another long run mainly down 6th st and there I hit on it. Rum and coke... ohh yes. After zig zagging up and back on 6th St and Red River, we were at Darwins. When I went in I was at the back and the bar was packed. I went back out, alone in a red dress, a little after 9pm, on 6th St. I walked to the end of the bock, crossed to the other side of the St and went and got a slice of pizza. By now I could care less about the dress thing, and before long was joined by another RDR.

Pizza finished, it was back to Darwins, before running back to Red River for Club Deville, then back out to 6th for the Chugin Monkey, on to the Blind Pigg, and then over to the Mark on 5th/Congress, Betsys on 8th, Opal Devines on West 6th, Molotov across the st, which was disco central, and then the final run to Barton Springs Saloon.

And so it was there were just six of us in the lead "pack", my legs were hurting, my head was hurting but my stomach wasn't. Yes, we crossed Town Lake on the Lamar emergency only path and soon we were at Barton Springs Saloon, Stacy Keese/Murray was just ahead of me, having run the whole things in a pair of ballet pumps and a red tutu, and just ahead of her three guys and another gal. And so I should have been 6th. When we got to the bar a number of others had come down in a cab and a couple in a pedicab :-) I used this photo from facebook as it showed more what the evening was about rather than being a picture of me. If you really want to see a picture of me, there are a few amongst those posted to facebook here and of the general Red Dress run chaos, here.

Tags: austin duathletes, red dress run
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