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Swimming mojo

 Looks like I've got my long, slow swim mojo back. I had to go be drug tested, out of competition(tee hee) yesterday, and afterwards headed to Pure Austin North to swim. All the lanes were full when I got there, but one guy instantly volunteered to split. Given he'd been so decent, I decided that rather than work on my speed, I'd do a long, slow swim and concentrate on stroke and roll. If you've swum in a lane with me, you'd know it's like swimming with a super tanker, Tim Hollingsworth once described my bow wave like that ;-)

So, in the other half of the lane I worked on slow stroke cadence, long pulls and gliding. Worked out pretty well, every 40-lengths, I did 10-fast, with my time coming in around 4:23. In total I clocked up 130-lengths and when I got out I felt great, was breathing easy. I could have gone on, but it was getting dark, I needed a bathroom break, and was getting hungry!

50-lengths, 1250m or 3/4-mile, 24:28 total, 4:23 fast-10
50-lengths, 1250m or 3/4-mile, 24:13 total, 4:15 fast-10
30-lengths, 750m or .46-mile, 19:40 total
Total: 130 lengths, 2.02-miles, 1:08:21

So, I need to work on my pull and kick more, but try to keep the stroke cadence down. I'd like to be down around 22-mins for 50-lengths, but not by speeding up cadence. Next pool session I'm going to allocate time for 160-lengths, which puts me over the mythical 158-lengths for 2.4-miles or the IM swim just to see how my time is. 
Tags: swimmin, training
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