December totals

Cycling: 222-miles, 16:18:33 hh:mm, 14MPH - Hmm, not sure why the average for the month is so slow..., mileage also down from where I wanted to be

Running: 51-miles, 8:06 hh:mm, 5.6MPH - definately slower, but mostly because I didn't do many 5k, it was mostly twice per week longer runs. - Again distance down from where I wanted it.

Swimming: 4-miles, 1:32 hh:mm, 2.3MPH - terrible month, nly 4-swim sessions, half the total done in one session just before Christmas.

Strange really, I expected all my totals to be up this month, most of my raining was done in the last 2-weeks of the month, which really reflects my work situation.

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