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2008 Yearly training review

2008 was the first year I used sportracks for tracking a whole year, I have 11-months in 2007. In 2004 and 2006 I used Athlinks software on my Palm Tungsten the Palm Treo to track my workouts. Worst decision I ever made. Athlinks no longer developed, data locked up and lost forever.

I do have all my spreadsheets though for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. 2002 Was my best year for times, as it was my first HIM Distance race year and one of the years I was in the GB age group team. So I'll use that for comparison.

2008 Cycling: 2,267-miles, 137:22 hh:mm, 16MPH (no turbo time)
2007: 2050-miles (no turbo time)
2005: 1300-miles
2003: 1843-miles
2002: 1956-miles
2001: 1094-miles

So, interestingly 2008 was probably my best year for distance. The spreadsheets were really much harder to track speed, evalation etc.

2008 Running: 421-miles, 74:54 hh:mm, 5.2MPH/11.3 Pace
2007: 293-miles, 49:48 hh:mm, 5.82MPH/10.19
2005: 278-miles
2003: 244-miles
2002: 425-miles
2001: 378-miles

So I almost surpassed 2002 for distance. Interestingly. 2002 was the year I had my first serious orthotics made only Harley St. and 2008 was the first year with the built-up shoe. Coincidence? Probably not. I think I'm going to have to do a lot more running this year if I really want to do OK at an Ironman distance.

2008 Swimming: 60-miles, 20:27 hh:mm, 1.94MPH
2007: 41-miles, 12:06 hh:mm, 1.89MPH
2005: 66.42-miles
2003: 57.06-miles
2002: 96.15-miles
2001: 80.87-miles

I was down on my swim mileage in 2008. This represents two things. One, I started the year with shoulder problems which really didn't clear up until November. I've not really had much treatment, but the physios at Advanced Rehab got my working on my strength, which seems to have helped. The other reason why my mileage was down in 2008 was that I really didn't organise or have any real swim training program until late in the year when I joined Pure Austin North. I expect 2009 which show a significant increase.

Year in summary
So, while 2008 was my most succesful ever in terms of silverware, it really wasn't from a speed and distance perspective if I compare with 6-years ago. However, I remember my good friend Trace Allen telling me that the problem with getting older was that recovery got harder. Thats certainly been the case to a point. I take longer to get over races. This could be a sign  that I wasn't fit enough or that I'm getting older.

2002, which I would decsribe as my peak year in terms of performance for triathlon, I actually wasn't faster but in terms of desire, and opportunity, it was my big year. It will be interesting to see what happens this year. I suspect it will be totally driven based on if I get the Ironman Hawaii slot or not.
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