You can't get/do enough for the girls - Corner Brook

Kathleen Smet won the Corner Brook world cup, catching and passing Annabel Luxford who was out in front alone for the entire bike, on the final lap of the run. Andrea Whitcombe had the fastest run of the day, passed Annelise Heard on the last lap, Andrea was fourth and Annelise fifth.

1 2 SMET Kathleen BEL 02:08:11
2 6 TAYLOR Pip AUS 02:08:41
3 14 LUXFORD Annabel AUS 02:09:04
4 4 WHITCOMBE Andrea GBR 02:10:34
5 12 HEARD Anneliese GBR 02:11:23
6 1 SAVEGE Jill CAN 02:12:16
7 3 MONTGOMERY Carol CAN 02:13:00
8 5 HARRISON Jessica GBR 02:13:42
9 8 MOODY Gillian CAN 02:14:33
10 7 CARFRAE Mirinda AUS 02:16:29
11 15 ROSS Tara CAN 02:17:58
12 18 ROLLINSON Ayesha CAN 02:22:04
13 11 MURRAY Carolyn CAN 02:25:00
14 16 GAGNON Isabelle CAN 02:25:59

Don't ask what happended to Allen and Jenkins... Nathan Richmond from New Zealand won the mens race.
[2004 ITU Corner Brook World Cup, Newfoundland.]
OK so Leanda and Andrea seem to be going pretty well what about Jodie Swallow?
Just read the Evening Standard and there is a full page story about the triathlon selection mess. Jodie seems full of confidence and says she looks forward to her "come back races" in Salford and Hungary. No mention of her having to get on the podium for any of the races, in fact she says she doesn't have to do anything to justify her selection, which will be news to Leanda and Andrea.
Jodys place
Well thats as I understand it as well. Unless Jody has two bad races she is going to Athens. Did you think otherwise ?
Re: Jodys place
I've got a feeling that unless Jodie pulls out a good one in Salford there is going be an awful lot of agro behind the scenes (cat fight?).
P.S. I've just noticed that at the race in Corner Brook Andrea Whitcombe, the female Olympic reserve, ran faster than Mark Jenkins, the male Olmpic reserve. Perhaps Whitcombe should appeal again on the basis that she should be in the mens team.
Re: Jodys place
Its interesting though that we've at least eneded up debating the fate of Brit' athletes rather than the pro's and con's of the mercenaries.

As much as I'm a fan of Andrea, and to a degree Jody, and although I think on balance Andrea deserves the place on the team, lets not pick on Jenks, rather lets consider Amey the target of the day...
Re: Jodys place
Hey it was only a joke about Mark, he obviously had a bad day, I would also much rather see a real Brit like Mark go to Athens than another foreign import.
Personally I'd pick AJ as target of the day as he openly admits he doesn't like Britain (to live in) plus I think he's suspect on hilly courses.