triman (triman) wrote,

New Year, New Start

well the cat seems to be out of the bag, I actually let it out myself when I told a few of my good friends via "wahoo... visa approval received... I am the new Director of Systems Engineering and a Distinguished Engineer at Dell..." just a few hours after observing "am really hoping my O1 visa approval comes through next week, being a 50yr old pro triathlete is brutal, wanna get back to being an IT geek".

I don't actually start until next week, so don't have much to say yet, except this is something I've been really looking forward to for a while now. As always, I won't be making any other comment here about what I'm doing at Dell, I'll continue to seperate out the two important halfs of my life, tracking my personal life here, my professional life here and my new Austin village here.

Of course anyone with even basic math can see thats 3-halves, so something will have to go, not sure what yet, hoping to keep the triathlon going, looking forward to this years Lone Star triathlon, both sprint and half distance, followed by the Rookie triathlon in Austin, and then if I get it in, Ironman Hawaii. So I guess that means taking a less active, visible role in wht goes on in Austin.

However, the good news is that for those looking to kick-start or re-start their cycling in 2009 in Austin, starting this Sunday there will be a new, no drop, weekly b-pace group ride from Jack and Adams that I'll be leading with Jack Murray. Details to follow later in the week but wheels down at 8.30am from the parking lot at the shop!
Tags: austin, dell
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