Ironman in a week

It's at times like this I'm reminded just how hard Ironmans are.

Following an email from KKW that Florida raceplace organising legends and friend Fred Rzymek with Joe Hernandez., where they are organizing an iron distance challenge to get people involved in triathlon. You can read the active entry here for more details.

I thougt, ha, for me that would be relatively easy. Then I broke it down and it is a great challenge for novices. It works out at something like 30-miles cycling, 6.5-miles of running and about 2/3 of a mile per week swimming. 

So, I figured in my last week as a sponsored triathlete, I'd do an "ironman" in 6-days. It was hard work. Here is how it worked out for me.

Tuesday: 7-mile run
Wednesday: 2.5-mile swim
Thursday: 4-mile run, 32-mile bike
Friday:  3-mile run
Saturday: 50-mile bike
Sunday: 26-mile bike, 12-mile run

Totals: 2.5-mile swim, 108-mile bike, 26-mile run.

Sunday evening running back up South 1st, I felt like I'd done a real ironman. I was slightly light headed, everything ached. This week I've been just like I was after my Iron distance race. I've been exhausted, not much motivation, have a hard time staying awake, having a hard time staying asleep. Not exactly a perfect way to start a new job.

I've sorted out my race season now, and although I desparately want the IM Hawaii slot, if I do get it I;ve got some serious training to do, after all I won't be able to sleep for 7-hours in each transition. If I don't get the slot, I'll have a think about what I'm going to do instead.
How exciting!

I knew you were training hard but man.. that's mad awesome! That whole sentiment about wanting something so much you can taste it.. hell, you want IM so much I think we can taste it. The way you describe it & the effort you're putting in.. palpable.
hehe! ironman with 7-hour sleep transitions! rock on. ironman training is hard!
Excellent, I was thinking that would be a good alternative. I dont really have a handle yet on the demands of the new job, but hopefully I'll be able to keep the training going.

Glad to hear you've commited, if Hawaii doesnt't happen, I'll see you there.