It's official, I'm a sponsor of a real triathlete

 It was great to see mojojoey 's Team TBB bio listing update with my now official status as our super heros travel sponsor. Mostly this hasn't cost me much money, I've been donating my AA miles so she can get to training camp.

While I think she'll do great in races this year, I'm so delighted that she's been able to put in time and rare skill helping helping while on training camps with her other speciality, prosthetics. See her Team TBB blog for some inspiring pictures!

I was talking to Pat Evo Sunday, he will be at IM Malaysia and IM China, so look out for him and say hi. Have a great training camp, great race season and see you in Orlando for FL 70.3 - where you will never live it down if I beat you on the bike!
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HOORAY!!! it's mee! do you have a special Triman logo you want on my official website? I am in the middle of completely making over the website, "professionalizing" it. :D Now don't be talking smack about my bike're on!

cheers to 2009! already prouder to be an American!