This mornings ride in

Went fine, no traffic issues. Cassidy bought me these real trick gloves with LED lights in the hands that when you rest on the hoods point directly forward, very trick, will post a picture!

It was still dark when I left at 6:50, cold but not too bad. 43-mins after leaving I was flying down Lamar in a northward direction toward Walnut Creek Park, and the temperature dropped must have been 5-6 degrees, it got so cold, so quick I got a slight case of ice-cream head. I hadn't really thought through going back to the way I came last night. When you get right to the end of North Lamar by I35, its a no entry. Suffice to say, I cheated this once.

I still missed a turn off Wells Branch Parway, jumped off the bike, onto the sidewalk for half a block. I also missed a turn after that and ended up out on FM 1325 near Mopac, but in the end got to the office in 1-hour 16-mins, for 21-miles. Not as much stopped time as yesterday, probably 10-mins, so slightly slower but pleased with speed. Traffic was light too.
bikes/peds can get by with that (once)
There is a sign on N. Lamar near the intersection with Parmer that says "no access to Howard" but maybe your eyes were too frozen to see it! You could get over to Metric sooner (via Braker or Parmer, although it might be a scary left turn from Lamar) which would take you all the way up to Wells Branch Parkway (although the street name changes to Thermal north of Howard). Then you could turn right onto WB Pkwy, then the next left (Wells Port) - which is pretty easy to find, there's a church on the corner. Wells Port takes you all the way up to Grand Ave. Pkwy.