3M Breakdown

3M Took an unexpected turn this morning, it went worse than I could have imagined. I sort-of finished, that is I did the distance, but didn't bother crossing the line.

Arrived in good time, parked up, checked in my bag. I decided to run in running tights with the requisite tri shorts over the top, a Hanson thick winter long sleeve top, and lightweight sleeveless zip up vest, running hat and gloves. After checking the bag in, I went back and sat in the car for 10-mins to keep warm. Hydration was good, I'd drunk plenty yesterday, and bought two full bottles with me, one for before and the other to take on the run.

The start went well, although a bit late, it was pretty clear considering. I took it easy to start and quickly slotted into an 8:40 pace. Things went well, 8:42, 8:43, 8:36, 8:46 for the first four miles. Right after mile-5 I knew I'd have to stop for a personal break, which probably accounts for the 9:04 mile, then right after the Mile-6 sign I tucked in behind the fence, after I took a few seconds to stretch and back out.

Mile-6 9:44(including break), 10:25, 10:12, 11:19 and my right knee was starting to get painful, 11:12, 11:27, 12:10, and then it all went wrong. The pain from my knee was unbearable. Crossing one of the streets I nearly collapsed, as my knee gave away to the right. A Cop asked if I was OK, I said I thought I needed help, he said he couldn't help as he was on traffic duty. I walked from there to the finish area, head down, trying to work out what next. I saw Tune just before the finish line, we walked together to the medical tent, I asked there for something for the pain, the woman, predictably said "I can't give..." - I got up and hobbled out and hung over a nearby railing.

My data below shows pretty much what happened. A good even, easy pace. What I can't explain is what happened to my heart rate. By the time I got in the finish area, my HR was almost at my HR Resting rate. I don't think this was an energy thing, I took a gel at 3/6/9 miles. Anyone know what pain does to your HR under normal conditions?

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That's a shame.I've always wondered if most people injure themselves because they train on the trail and then race on pavement. I hope you feel better soon.
I personally
haven't noticed any correlation with pain and HR . Fear and HR yes, but self induced pain like this, not really.

oh my gosh...
I'm so sorry. I didn't even make it to the race.. Hope your knee gets better..