triman (triman) wrote,

Regular Austin Sunday morning no-drop ride!

The details of the Jack and Adams sunday rides are on their blog

although the website guy hasn't updated the actual website yet. Anyone in the Austin area who is looking to start or restart their cycIing then this is the ride for you. It's a no-drop ride, which means we'll start as a group, actually two groups, a faster 50-mile group and the no-drop ride. We will not make turns without you, either myself or Jack Murray of Jack and Adams will come back and ride with you. We will wait, we don't mind, and we will talk to riders to keep you going to the end! There are ride cue sheets and a GPS file for anyone that wants them in advance!

Initial distance for the no-drop ride is 26-miles, increasing every couple of months through the season right up to long distance for those that want by September. There is a faster group that goes out at the same time, while they will wait early in the year, it isn't a no-drop group. You can chose which to ride with each week.

After the ride their are breakfast tacos and coffee back at the shop, the ride and breakfast are free to all participants! ++Mark.
Tags: cycling, jack and adams, training
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