January totals

 Cycling: 288-miles, 19:39:20 hh:mm, 13.33MPH - The Jack and Adams Sunday rides are killing my AMPH but thats my 2nd highest monthly distance since getting to Austin. I still want to get it up to about 400-miles per month for Feb and March before Lone Star.

Running: 54.78-miles, 9:44 hh:mm, 6.3MPH - my 2nd ever most running mileage since getting to Austin, also included the 3M Half Marathon. Speed up from last month, need to get it up to about 60-miles per month divided up by the distances, one long run and two short runs per week to be ready for LoneStar and Florida 70.3 - need good luck on pain management though for this.

Swimming: 6.6-miles, Untimed. Surprisingly down on Feb and March of 2008, when I didn't think I swam much. Still I think my swimming is coming along. Again, I need to up my mileage for this month and the first three weeks of March to be ready for LoneStar.
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