triman (triman) wrote,

Austin Flashmob Freeze

 Back in February 2008, I wrote "I want to do one of these".

Well yesterday I got my chance. Austin Flashmob organised a 5-minute freeze at Whole Foods world HQ. We met up at Republic Square park about and hour before, prior to that no one but the flash mob agents knew where the freeze was. But come on, downtown on a Saturday? The only place had to be Whole Foods, unless they asked us all to show up in sports gear and went down to the trail and did it there.

I met up with @keepaustinweird and @rcauvin from - and after the briefing, we stood in the park for a while and talked, then made our way over to the store. Inside we bought stuff, grabbed a table and chatted until the given hour(actually 12:15) and then adopted our poses. I'd already decided to turn out and face the salad area, thats where most of the "freezers" were. It was tough to hold the exact same pose, including facial expression for 5-minutes.

I'm glad I did it, for the experience but it wasn't as good as the one in Grand Central Station. There were way too many of us compared to normal people. You can see that in this video on YouTube. I can be seen in the first 10-seconds of this video on YouTube with my back to the camera and a red cap on.

[UpdateHere is a YouTube movie made by one of the people with us. Keep still now. Fun to watch the people behind no taking part... stunned silence.]

A couple of new missions are planned, one is a Spy mission, everyone in tranch coats, dark glasses, hats; and a mass where's waldo.
Tags: austin, flashmob, freeze
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