Ironman Utah 2010

x-posted from my trigeeks post. Looks like it's set, Ironman Utah should be announced soon. The date will be May 1st 2010, and the first Saturday in May thereafter. It will be held at the City of St George I assume entries will be on and will post when I hear. Hopefully the race will go better than the last IM Utah, it's in a different location and a month earlier and a different race organiser.
Utah is closer than Idaho or Arizona to my family who would want to come watch. They live in Colorado. If it's May 1st I would be an Ironwoman right before my 27th birthday! What a way to celebrate turning 27!! My birthday is May 6th. This is sounding good. This might be something I want to do in 2010!! A friend of mine wants me to do CDA with him 2010, but I'm still unsure about it. ~Mercedes
Re: Intriguing
Until it's announced for sure we won't know, but the big advantage of these first year races is that SIGNUP is ONLINE.

If you want to race any other race you'd have to go the year before and volunteer, or go as a sherpa for a friend. Now they'll have local sign-up for IM Utah I assume, so its a gamble that all the slots by people online. As soon as I hear anything more I'll post and let you know via twitter or some such.