triman (triman) wrote,

shoe update

It's been almost a year since I first got my built-up shoe, overall I can't really say that they've made a huge difference to my speed, despite my early optimism. I'm sitting here now witrh my right knee iced, 3x ibruprofin and today I just got through an 8.5-mile run.

However, what I think is beyond a doubt, is that my knees and hips are better than they were. After 350-miles the shoes don't support the way they should, so I've been in touch with Bill Stone at RunTex about building a new pair.  Bill can't help, busy, busy. I contacted Paul Carrozza, and apparently Jime, the Store Manager down at RunTex at Lake Austin should be able to help.

So I stopped into see Jime on my run. At first he was reluctant, apprently he'd handed over the mantle to Bill and Bill had all the equipment. After a short discussion, explanation of my problem and goals/hopes for the year. Jime agreed and is going to try to get them done for Galveston, we picked out a pair of Mizunos and agreed to try to build them up another 1/4 inch which will take the right shoe up to 1.75inches.
Tags: running, shoes, training
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