Girl trouble

So, will the BBC own up to its goof on this weekends broadcast of the Salford triathlon ? Don't hold your breath.

In what should have been a good race warm-up for the Olympics and one of Jody Swallows two test opportunities to prove her fitness and her suitability as one of the GB Olympic team, the BBC Film bike clipped a road bollard, it fell in front of the lead womens pack, Jody fell and took out GB Team and fellow Olympic squad member Julie Dibens. Ce'st la vie.

Just Hungry left for Jody...
[BBC Sport Salford report...]
Let's be honest even if Jodie had performed well at Salford it would hardly been an indicator of form for Athens. Salford was a wetsuit swim, freezing cold, a slow bike (due to rain) with a weak disinterested (due to rain) field. A hot, tough race in Hungary will be a much better guide to form in Athens although ironically not really what you want to do a couple of weeks before the Olympics. Obviously the BTA must know what they are doing (eh?).
I understand the point about Salford but if she'd have got a podium place and been strong throughout it would have been pretty obvious she was in shape, just if she was or could be at the top of her game in time for Athens. Lets see what happens this w/e and then how Andrea does.