Lonestar triathlon festival

 So, I've made a complete hash for the last few years of predicting my race outcomes, I don't intend to spoil that.

Heres what I hope to do down at Lonestar, I'm doing the sprint as my race, and the half iron distance as a hard training session.

I'll be in the top-30 of the Texas 2-step for the Sprint/Half(there are only 32 of us trying)
I'll be in the top 600 of the Half Iron finishers(there only 618 of us trying)
I'll be the only person whose surname begins with C to finish the Texas 2-step(I'm the only one trying)
I'll finish the Half Iron race in a PR, and will be trying for sub 6-hours. I predict 40-mins swim, 3-hrs bike... and the run will be horrific...

I'll finish in the Top-5 for my age group in the Sprint, I'm going flat out to win(really)

Now, all I need is for Jack and Adams to come through with the new bike. Although I already have big red loaded up in the car for the first outing of the year. Going to do Parmer out and back as far as I can go tomorrow after work. Leaving from the HEB Parking lot at 5.30. Why not come along and see if you can beat me, or keep up...

It's race time, do you know here your fast legs are?