Parmer Lane evening run #1

Great workout tonight. It was the first time this year on big red, my race bike. I've ridden at Parmer twice, and tonight would be the 3rd time. I've decided its going to be pretty tough to get south of Town Lake anything more than once per month to ride in the evening, so I'm going to aim for one apperance per month at the Run Far Time trials[no dates yet but should start in a month or so].

Rather than sit in the traffic on MoPac or I35, rather than only cycle home one day and back the next, as showers are not available in my building, and also taking the lpatop home on the bike is risky. I figure I should be able to get two sessions in per week, if I can start by 5:15, I ought to be able to get a full 50-miles in.

So tonight was a bit of a trial. I metmstooncesin the parking lot on the corner of McNeil and Parmer, got my bike ready, put on sunscrean and then replaced her saddle. In the end I left with Tune about 5:42, we did the first 3.5-miles together at 18MPH and then I said "sayonara" and set-off at race pace. There didn't appear to be too much wind, and I pushed out to N Lake RD, almost exactly 20-miles. There are seven or eight lights on the way out, I only had 4:41 of stopped time, so figure two lights. Subtract the 4:41 from total time and I get exactly 20MPH for 40-miles.

Stupendous. I've been quicker over that distance or further, last year's Shiner Gasp ride(4:11/20:3), and  Florida 70.3 in 2006(2:43/20.58MPH), today was a much tougher ride than either. See below for Elevation and 2-miles splits, one of which was a 32.1MPH 2-miles. Off the bike I managed to squeeze in a 2-mile run in just under 19-minutes. I just need to keep this up for another 18-days. 

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I definitely wanted to meet you but work conspired against me. PLEASE let me know next time!
Re: Awesome
Well as of today I plan to do Tuesday next week hard on my race bike, and Thursday as an easier recovery ride on my road bike. I figure I'll try to get to the HEB by 5.00 to leave around 5.15
Re: Awesome
Still the plan for tomorrow ? Weather permitting, I plan on joining you
Re: Awesome
Yep, I'll be bringing my bike in. I have a docs appointment midday to look at problem, if for some weird case he says to rest, I'll let you know. Otherwise 5.15 in the HEB parking lot in the corner nearest the Parmer/McNeil lights!

Sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk yesterday, duties of the no-drop ride leader. By the time I'd done the Decker loop with the last of the 35-mile riders, we caught the tailend of the 26-mile group and I stayed with them and Jack went back to get tacos and coffee organized.