Actually, it didn't. Or I misread it. Questions:

1. Is Danskin gone? I thought there was Danskin this year.
2. Is Sally Edwards now with the Trek triathlon? If there is still Danskin, is she with them?
3. Is there a Trek tri in Austin? If so, and Danskin is still happening, is there also a Danskin? Do they use the same course?
The answers are:
1.Yes, there is an Austin and other cities Danskin
2.Yes, Sally jumped ship to the new series sponsored by Trek and is not with Danskin
3. Yes there is a Trek race in Austin, yes both races use the same course

Skeese Greets is May 3rd, New Braunfels
Trek Womesn is May 17th, Decker Lake
Danskin is June 7th, Decker Lake
Red Licorice are running a womens 3-race series at Pace Bend, first race April 25th Pace, 2nd Annual Sweet and Twisted on August 16th, Sept. 20th