First shots across the bow in ITU campaign

Henry Budgett reports on the Triathletes-uk web site that current ITU President Les McDonald had some less than positive things to say about the BTA CEO and Chairman at the Salford World Cup awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, ITU Presidential candidate Sarah Springman(see picture) has put a big question mark over Les McDonalds' ITU and his presidency, by raising some serious questions about drug testing in triathlon, especially in light of Balco, Cycling etc.

The hoary old chestnut of drugs in triathlon has been around for a while. It's another of those subjects which 99% of age group triathletes don't care about, wouldn't participate in and would expect better from the elite athletes that represent their sport at the highest level. Just why 18-days before the Olympics is the right time to raise this issue is beyond me... but then so is it that our BTA execs' are putting so much effort into this including moving the BTA AGM to make sure the weight of British triathlon is behind Dr Springman.

Still, the August issue of Inside Triathlon has it about right. In the briefing column the editorial under the subtitle "IS THAT ELVIS" they write "Making a brief rare public appearance, the once ubiquitous ITU Chief Les McDonald will emerge from his undisclosed location to preside over the Games - and to announce his victory in the 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020 ITU presidential elections. Beyond 2020 it's wide open notes McDonald."

So thats alright then.
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