Deadmau5 and Pete Tong, Bar Rio, Houston

deadmau5 live at bar RioHaving seen Deadmau5 last year at SKY on Congress here in Austin, I was superexcited to catch him again, but this time with UK DJ Legend Pete Tong. The only catch was they were at Bar Rio in Houston on Friday 20th March.

I arrived a bit later than I expected, Pete Tong was just starting. I have top say Pete looked bored, bloated, unshaven, his hair was a mess and to be honest, it looked like he played his whole set from his MacBook. He fiddled around with a few dials, but from where I was upstairs in the VIP area, I had a clear view of his decks, and it just made no sense.

Bar Rio was getting busier and by the time Deadmau5 came on the main dance hall was packed. I went downstairs and as Joel eased into Faxing Berlin, I was bouncing up front left of the stage. Deadmau5 was fantastic, never stopped moving. He reminded me in many ways of just seeing Kaewan at 24/7, both dancing working hard on the decks. Bouncing up and down, after about 90-mins I was wasted and moved back upstairs. About 10ft away was Pete Tong. I went over and talked to him briefly, he was full of life and smilling. I thanked him for having Greg Wilson on the Essential Mix, we talked briefly about my time with Greg Edwards on Capital Radio and then Petes manager/older guy came along. It was then that it struck me how odd it must have been for Pete. Kinda obi wan kenobi and Luke Skywalker, Tong see's his protege taking over from him, more force!

Approaching 3-hours of hist set the audience was thining out, Deadmau5 was going strong, I went back downstairs and danced for a few more minutes, then it looked like the set was over. Deadmau5 gestured that he had to go, the crowd starting to scream and cheer, Deadmau5 plkayed through the end of the track and left. The house lights came on, the crowd kept cheering, Joel came back on and started playing again, the track turned into "I remember", my favorite Deadmau5 track. After about 7-minutes he climbed up on the table at the back of the stage and put the Mau5 head back on and started dancing. Fantastic. Some 3.5 hours after he was started, the Mau5 was done!

It was clear from the time I was upstair in the VIP area that Deadmau5 was playing a core track from the Macbook, and then adding the sound effects, and music over the top of the base track. he also had a small drum synth that he was adding at lot of the rythm tracks too. Pretty impressive. He slipped up a few times but over three hours was very impressive.

Deadmau5 on the Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix can be found here.

Here are a few good videos from the gig on YouTube.