triman (triman) wrote,

Training update

 Monday I had a great swim in the Quarry up at Pure Austin North on Brake Lane. I deliberately didn't look at the water temp on the board when walking through the gym. I put on my wetsuit down at the dock, loaded up my neck with coccoa body butter, put my Silicon GB Team swim hat on and goggles, stood back from the edge of the dock, short run and dive.

I actually thought I'd have one of the lost breath moments becuase it was really cold, excepot it wasn't. After getting settled in, I'd did 3-laps or about 2200m in 34-mins 48-seconds. Slightly up on my lap time from the end of last year. Except the distance and hence time might have been a bit out, one bouy was missing, and the 3rd had drifted out of place.

Tuesday evening I went out to do Parmer Lane. If I got their early enough, I wanted to try and do the full 50-mile round trip from McNeil at Race Pace, my last before Galveston and the Lone Star races. Sadly, after a late telephone conversation, messing around with my bike, I finally set off at 5:50pm. I hammered the first 20-miles with 5-mile averages of 22, 25, 23, 21 - There didn't feel like there was much wind, and although coming back was definately hillier than going, after getting my breath back I pushed off and pushed as hard as I could. I got 5-mile splits of 16, 17, 19, 18 - I just reached the lights at McNeil in 2:00hrs, giving an average MPH for the ride of 21MPH. Outstanding.
Tags: cycling, parmer, pure austin, swimming, training
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