triman (triman) wrote,

Ready for Lonestar

Next up is the Texas 2-step down in Galveston. I'm racing sprint Saturday and half iron Sunday.

My prep until yesterday had gone well, I've got my new bike, I had a good last swim on Sunday up at Quarry Lake followed by a hard run with 4-loops around. Saturday and sunday rides were good and Wednesday I had an easy swim and 5k run at Deep Eddy.

And so it came to Yesterday, I had a busy day lined up anyway, and then things became interesting at work. So yesterday was home, last massage with Blaze, down to city hall, three hours on the Street and Event Closure taskforce, I was one of the last speakers and then home to write up, my Austin Metroblog is here

Then it was home, pack, cook up some food that would go bad if left over the w/e. Finally, prepare the slides for todays meeting and I went to bed just before 3am.

Up at 7.30, packed the bike and food for the w/e and left for a 6-hour exec meeting at work, I'm exhausted...

I'll leave direct from here and hopefully be down in Galveston in time to go to bed by 9pm.

Lonestar has a live webcast for all the important parts of the races Saturday and Sunday. You can follow along here

Hopefully you'll be able to see me in the Sprint Awards on Saturday afternoon and maybe the swim for the half ironman on Sunday.

I'll post updates on twitter and facebook.
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