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Lonestar Half Iron Distance

Fanastic race, very pleased with my result. Especially since I came to Galveston to race the sprint and do the Half as a training run. I got to within 6-mins of my PR for Half iron distance and my bike definately suffered after the sprint race and then the layover without a massage.

Here's how it went. Swim started about 3-rows back, immideatly I started I realised that the left lense of my googles was leaking, I messed around with them as best I could but they'd obviously been messed up from Saturdays race. The swim went pretty well, it was squally and windy in places, but I kept pretty much to line and tried to keep an even pace, out of the water I felt good if not a little tired, the wetsuit hadn't rubbed my neck, I struggled to find the cord to unzip and helpfully the guy running behind me pulled it down. After the wetsuit strippers it was into T1, and to be honest I actually stopped runningfor a few steps to get my breath, which is not usual.

Bike:Out on the bike and things were going well, clearly though when I'd had Zane setup the TT bars I'd been fresh, after a 1.2-mile swim my arms and shoulders were not comfortable in the aero position, I'll need to change this. I expect when I load the Garmin data I'll see that I took the first half steady(as planned), then started cranking up the speed on the return(as planned) but at about 46-miles bonked(unplanned). It took me through to about mile-3 on the run to get over this.

As we turned off the sea wall, we got a taste of what was to come later. Headed almost directly north the wind was blowing quite strong, I was struggling to do 16MPH where the day before I could easily do 22MPH. Dismount went fine, although my legs really were not ready to run... I hobbled into T2, grabbed my stuff as quick as I could but my legs were not having any of it as I went out onto the run.

Run:By this time the Olympic distance(quarter Iron) race was well and truly over and there were lots of people cheering. As I round the corner before the 1-mile mark at the aide station I stopped and took 2 of the 6 ibuprofen tablets I'd stuck to the back of my race number. I walked for a long time after that. Again, I think when I load up the Garmin data, lap-1 of the run will easily have taken the longest time. I'm sure lots of people will complain about the 4x-lap run, actually I liked it. Plenty of people around to cheer you on and a better idea of how to pace yourself.

I took 2x-more ibuprofen on lap 2, and two more half way through lap 3, I have to say both during the race, and afterwards, this seems to have done the trick, my right knee really doesn't feel that swollen. I think on balance I ran more than I walked, however, that first lap really ruined my time. I need to work on some longer bike/brick sessions. Race Director Keith Jordan was out on the course cheering folks on, and after one last hi-5 it was time to push for home. At this point I was pretty sure that I'd missed any chance of getting a PR, but it turns out only just.

My final time was 6:36:48, not bad. Obviously as expected my run ruins my result, but hey thats the first time in 3-years I've actually even managed to finish over the distance! Below is the Active.cpom link to the results, and the results pasted in.

Clock Time 6:36:48
Chip Time 6:36:48
Overall Place 470 / 609
Gender Place 346 / 413
Division Place 32 / 38
1 2Mi Swi Rank 309
1 2Mi Swi Time 40:02
1 2Mi Swi Pace 2:04/M
T1 Time 02:42
56Mi Bike Rank 315
56Mi Bike Time 2:50:43
56Mi Bike Pace 19.7mph
T2 Time 02:25
13 1Mi Run Rank 572
13 1Mi Run Time 3:00:55
13 1Mi Run Pace 13:49/M

My PR time was 6:30:25, with a 39:003 swim in perfect conditions, a 2:43:17 bike and a 3:02:03 half marathon. So I really am delighted with yesterdays times, even though I'm disappointed with my finish place. I'm looking forward to do the Rookie and working on placing or possibly winning my age group, and then going to Florida to claim a clear PR in the half-iron 70.3 race!

Next-up: I'm running the Protest Duathlon on Saturday. It's my first actual duathlon race. I'll be competing in a speedo and protesting the fact theres no swim!

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