Big Red II (BR2)


Well I'm way behind with posts, so here another catch-up. I've ridden BR2 now 4x, one easy ride when I first got fitted, the sprint and half-Iron races at Lonestar down at Galveston last w/e, and this morning at the Protest Duathlon. It's a Guru Merus.

Overall I'd say I'm still getting used to it. It's a fantastic fit and feels great., the biggest difference is it is vibration free. The is no, or almost no vibration from it while riding, irrespective of the road surface.

The frame was custom measured and made for me. When Zane at Jack and Adams fitted me on the bike I had the aero bars fitted too agressively, too narrow. After a 1.2-mile swim I was having a hard time keeping my shoulders that narrow, so have opened the aero bars up. I had a choice on the bars, and while the flat or s-shape bars look good, realistically I think I'd have had problems riding them for 56-miles, let alone 112-miles.

The specs for the bike are, all titanium frame, optional flame red paint, carbon forks, full ultegra group set; Carbon seat post, Fizik Arione TRI2 Wing Flex saddle, Profile T2 wing bars, Profile Carbon aero bars, Look Keo Classic Pedals. For close-up click through the picture or here.
Yes I'm that behind
in LJ but nice bike and I'll prolly ride with you all (J&A) tomorrow.