Feet don't fail me now

So, asides from training I have no running races now until the Rookie Triathlon on May 10th. Notionally its my A-race, if you measure races by chance of winning.

By the end of this week my IM fate will be known, either IM Hawaii or IM Arizona. Either way I need to get my feet fixed. Sometime last year I posted on my hard skin issues. I finally gave up with creams and pedicures and sought professional help, turns out none of the advice I got on LJ was even close to right.

Turns out that the hard skin is mostly caused by deep rooted planter warts or varukas. - have some small cysts on two of my toes, caused by fluid leaking from the joints, oh yeah and a bunion.

So this morning I had the first of two treatments. The warts were pretty standard stuff, only as he wanted to be sure they were cleared in two treatments he put extra stuff on. The cysts were drained and an injection applied to the joint with the bunion and I was given a device to wear on the toe when I was sleeping.

He put some tape on my feet and said the skin would blister, but I'd be OK with that? I asked how long I had to rest or keep the feet dry? I don't. He said the feet would hurt later, well that was 12-hours ago, and he got one thing right, no sh!t they hurt, I guess by the morning I'll be considering lancing the blisters.

Talking of Lance, tomorrow at 3pm I'm going to see Doug Enzel who fixed Lances shoulder. I filled in their paperwork and they gave one line for previous surgery, I decided to write-up the history of my leg problems and surgery.

Even leaving out analysis or opinion, it took a whole page to document year, problem, resolution.

Details of findings etc. To follow.
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Training & prepping. Even all the paper work you had to fill out got you THAT much closer to IM.. wherever it happens to be. Go you!