I SPY on SXSW - Austin Flashmob

As far as I'm aware the only post I have not caught up with, apart from normal training sort of stuff, is one on the last Austin Flashmob. Once this post has propogated through to Facebook via RSS, I'll reset the date to the actual date of the flashmob event.

I have to say, this wasn't one of the best thought out events. Not that I'm complaining, it was still fun. However, it could have involved less running up and down 6th st in a full NY Winter raincoat(in my case). So the idea was to combine SPYing, with the Japanese 100-1 gaem show. So the idea would be to all mill around looking suspicious and then on queue, swarm in on someone, surround them and then do something, break up, stand around looking suspicicious, swarm in... repeat ad infinitum

A few of us went the whole 9-yards and dressed up as spies, most just added some element of a bad movie spy. The day before the event I got a facebook wall comment from Annmarie which just said "Enjoy your flash". Queue brilliant idea. Take one cheap trilby hat, one fake moustache and glasses, one black raincoat. And you get this.

So, what idea did I get, you'll have to check here,

This did cause a bit of a stir, especially once the flashmob was over and we were walking back up 6th St, I started my own flashmob, saying "free hugs!" This caught the attention of one film maker, see these pictures. Keeping Austin weird, one flash at a time!

Flashmob Austin is on Facebook here, where there are some additional pictures of the action. The next flashmob is April 25th, the Worlds biggest Wheres Waldo search. I already have my outfit, but it doesn't include speedos!
You would get arrested for that in England Mr Cathcart!