Goodbye Hawaii, Hello Arizona!

Well I never got a Kona lottery slot, along with a lot of bitter people, not me. I understood it was a long shot, but better shoot than never take aim. The lottery results are posted here.

So rather than be bitter, I've decided to take the alternative route open to me, and enter IM Arizona via the Ironman Executive Challenge. If things got well at IM Florida 70.3 I could also take a slot in the GB Team for the ITU Worlds Longo Course Championships, the same day as Kona.
Isn't Kona Oct 10 and ITU WLCC Oct 25?
check the dates
You might be right, it was memory. I have to get within 15% of my age group winner at Florida 70.3 to make it into the squad anyway, and now I've accepted and paid for Arizona I can imagine I'd go anyway. Plus I'm probably going to do the Davis Mountain training camp week, add to that a short visit back to the UK in July and I'm out of vacation days. Thanks anyway!!
No worries Mark.

July is a busy month back here in UK, as usual I've got Bournemouth and Milton Keynes Oly races, but also Bedford has been moved forward to July as its a qualifier for the Worlds in Oz only 2 months later in September - although its also a qualifier for 2010 Europeans which are to be in Ireland and that would be a nice race to qualify for.

Talking of late qualifications my trip to Monaco for the 70.3 first weekend in September is a qualifier for Kona 2009 and Clearwater 2009. I can only think that it would be a good back-up qualifier for Kona for those that unexpectedly miss their qualification slots at their summer European IM races. Would I take a Kona slot in Sept for the race a month later without any longer race prep? Would be a tough one to decide, but probably won't get anywhere near qualifying so shouldn't get to make the call anyway.

May see you in July then. Good luck with IM Arizona training. Off to Lanzarote next week.

I guess the Kona question isn't really a question, if you actually got the slot, why wouldn't you take it, it may never happen again. On the other hand, I was quite releaved when I didn't get it, but compared to Kona, a half in Austin in the heat would be a walk in the park.

Good luck in Lanzarote you are not going for the IM??
oh, here it is! the whole registration for IM AZ post. got behind while I was in China! :)

VERY exciting. I won't know if I'm to do that one also until later...this might be a 4-ironman year for me!!! hm, have never done more than one in a year...