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The suits are coming...

I got a few e-mails back, some pretty quickly over the Springman Drugs piece. I posted this to the triathlondiscussion e-group and then thought I should include a copy here.

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> Got this from another group!!
> Apparently no dope testing has been carried out at 2 of the last 3 world championships.

But this is a very old discussion and was subject of some very dirty politics last time(2000) the ITU Presidency was up for debate, there were allegations about a conflict of interest between an "insider" at the ITU and his commercial work.

What we do know is that drug testing of triathletes was done at the commonwealths, was done at the last Olympics and will be done at the Olympics next month.[I'm also told that 6+6 were tested at Salford last w/e, and should have remembered that the elites were tested at Salford last year as I accompanied one to the lounge in the Lowery Centre with the tester...]

If some of the b-rate elites want to risk everything for the little thats on offer, frankly who cares? The rewards are just not there for the a-grade elites to make it worth the risk to future health.

If this is really Sarah Springmans primary campaign issue then surfacing it less than a month before the Olympics and highlighting the fact, seems to be a little simple or alternatively well thought through and the work of both Sport England and the growing army of sport "suits" to get more entrenched in triathlon.

Mark my words, triathlon is ripe for a take over by the suits, we are a never ending pot of money, are prepared to pay large sums to do somewhat simple races(we don't need any dedicated grounds, will swim in ponds and rivers, run on anything and cycle on the roads). All they have to do is tie the sport up with rules, regulations, saftey requirements, closed roads, draft legal and the sport will be crawling with "suits" becuase its too much for volunteers to run. Next we will have professional run regions for Triathlon in England, Scotland, Wales etc. and then regions within the regions...

The "suits" are coming, don't say I didn't warn you! Its your association, your sport, act while you can before the BTA break-up the voting block into groups that cannot effect change!
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