It's all systems go.

Late in the morning I got a call from Troy at Ironman, a few questions, discussion about race options and I was confirmed for Ironman Arizona. I must admit, that I understand how exicted people get when they sign uip for their first M-DOT race, I've done half and full before, but never a full M-DOT race. I'm already working on projected times, but I figure 1:15 for the swim, 5:30 for the bike, leaves me a full 7-hours for the run to get under 14-hours, surely even I can do that?

Then this afternoon I received a phone call from the real immigration attorney, not the assistant or parallegal , that has been working my visas. It was about my request to go ahead and start processing my permanent residence for the US. We talked through a few options, and agreed on a company sponsored, "extraoridinary skills" application rather than a "outstanding researcher" application. They'll need more(revised) letters from those I contacted last time and were good enough to supply references, and then when that application is submitted they can apply for permanent residence. This can take about a year and a half in total. The first part of the application verifies my skill level for work; the second part verifies my suitability for permanent immigration(ie I am a good citizen, so no one mention the Flash Mob :-) )

Outstanding news!
Arizona can be windy
might want to plan on 6 hrs for the ride.
Re: Arizona can be windy
My lan is to go as fast as I can on race day, irrespective of conditions, and leave plenty of time to walk the marathon... See you in the morning...