triman (triman) wrote,

Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
My first Livejournal post was on January 10th, 2004. Wow, 5 1/2 years of blogging. It was a simple test from my then Palm  Tungsten W to see if I could post from my phone. Really I was looking for a way to keep notes and reminders while I travelled and when a PC with what even in those days was limited wireless access, I couldn't do.

How things have changed! I'm sat on my front porch in South Austin, theres a cool brezze blowing across the porch, I'm writing this post on my PC, I don't travel much anymore, and I have a choice of three free, wireless signals to connect to, but I use my own.
Tags: first post, lj birthday, reminiscing, writer's block
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